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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

CESS Project Development

1. Completed the overall testing and optimization of the v0.3.0_alpha version

  1. CESS Chain: 

  • Deployed the smart contract nodes, started the test of calling the Substrate pallet using smart contract, updated the contract nodes on CESS chain. 

  • Debugged and optimized the on-chain incentive mechanism and debugged the issue in which 20% incentive was sent to the miner after the miner account was frozen.

  • Complete the scheduling of pallet-cess-staking configuration

  • Completed implementation of OnUnbalanced trait for pallet-sminer to receive newly issued tokens to the accounts generated through the pallet.

  1. CESS Portal

  • Coded the client for test case procedures, and used the one-click deployment installation kit during the overall testing of the client, which fixed the potential slowdown for downloading when acquired the wrong parameters. 

  1. CESS-Bucket:

  • Added the function of faucet to receive CESS coins 

  • Completed the overall test and optimization of the details of the work order 

  • Completed the test of the storage miner incentive mechanism, optimized the storage miner reward pool 

  • Completed the writing of the script files for the miner related installation 

  1. CESS-Scheduler

  • Optimized the calculation logic of uploaded files on the client side 

  • Optimized the scheduling service and file processing procedures, and reduced the number of memory read/write. 

  • Optimized exception handlings; fixes the panic bug when debugging downloaded files during testing and optimization.

CESS Community Activities

1. The internal test of the CESS decentralized storage system based on the iterative version of the BSC testnet ran successfully.

Activity link:(https://www.cess.cloud/)

Total reward: 3,000,000 CESS Tokens

Current participating nodes: 295

2. CESS's Technical Operations Manager Leo was invited to attend Substrate Saturday, an online live event hosted by OneBlock+ and Parity, on March 26, 2022. Leo introduced the blockchain storage pioneer–CESS, which builds a new decentralized cloud storage network to meet the vast demand for decentralized cloud storage for major public chains. CESS can meet the storage needs of enterprise-level commercial applications, leading to the third generation of blockchain storage. 

2022.03.29 08:00