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SucCESS Stories

CESS passed the first milestone of the Substrate Builders Program!

In February this year, CESS was selected to join the Substrate Builders Program (SBP) that some quality projects such as the Moonbeam and Acala have participated in previously. Joining the SBP successfully demonstrated CESS's strong technical capabilities and huge potential. 

The CESS development team worked diligently to complete all the content for the first milestone and submitted it to Parity by the end of April. However, the review of the first milestone was delayed and only recently completed due to the Polkadot Decoded conference. CESS successfully passed the audit as expected and achieved its first milestone!

CESS's development progress in the first milestone includes:

  • Decentralized storage pricing mechanism: the mechanism sets prices based on comprehensive variables, such as the demand and supply of the storage space on the network, the price offered by other storage projects, the price of CESS tokens, and the time needed for the storage.

  • Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDRĀ²): As the core proof of storage mechanism of CESS, it ensures stored data is encrypted and replicated to ensure data security.

  • Blockchain explorerCESS adds detailed storage space information in the network based on the existing Polkadot-js application browser and develops a blockchain browser where users can get all the important information of the CESS network. 

  • Storage miner client: verifies and generates data segments. The client receives the data segments and calculates them separately to generate proofs for PoDRĀ². In addition, the client also supports storage miners to store evidence on-chain for verification by other nodes, as well as staking, registration, withdrawal, and other operations.

  • User client: includes functions such as file upload and download, payment, and inquiry of stored data.

Parity officials approved the content submitted by CESS and made suggestions for potential improvements. CESS will further improve the development of these suggestions. 

CESS will submit the content for passing the second milestone to SBP at the end of this month, so stay tuned for more good news!

2022.07.13 07:55