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Get Ready for CESS Testnet V0.5.0 Launch on Aug 9th

CESS has completed testing the Testnet v0.4.X after two iterations. Currently, there are approximately 2,000 active miner nodes on the CESS testnet with about 6 TiB available storage space.

CESS will start the testing of v0.5.0 at 8:00 am on Tuesday, August 9th, UTC. This new version optimizes the issues such as slow space verification, failure to modify IP for storage miners, etc. V0.5.0 will release a new version of blockchain explorer and add two new modules: the nodes deployment program and management program.

V0.5.0’s specific optimizations include:

Adjusts the process of filling idle data segments of the system to improve the space verification rate for storage miners.

Optimizes the storage miner client and adds new functions such as the storage miner’s income address, changing IP address, etc., making the operating process easier for storage miners.

Improves the penalty and withdrawal rules of storage miners, and significantly reduces the probability of storage miners being penalized by mistake.

Updates the Go SDK function to adapt to the latest CESS protocol specification, providing developers with more flexible integration options.

Adjusts the space leasing rules, including pricing, expansion, expiration, and other details.

Adds CESS-Gateway to support downloading files with the same ID from different servers.

Two new modules of V0.5.0:

The node deployment and management program help deploy and manage storage, consensus, and full nodes, lowering the operating threshold for CESS ecosystem contributors (including all miners).

A new CESS Blockchain Explorer, Substats v0.1.0. which is independently designed and developed based on CESS’s characteristics. It can be used as an aid for the native blockchain explorer, allowing miners to query the desired data faster and conveniently. Polkadot’s native browser continues to provide the wallet and translation functions.

This update mandates a restart of the test network. This test’s operating process and specific reward rules will be released soon. Join CESS’s Discord to get the latest updates, stay tuned!

2022.08.06 14:25