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SucCESS Stories

Monthly Technical Report​​

Important Technological Deliveries

Blockchain Network:

Released blockchain network v0.5.0 (CESS v0.5.0). The development details are as follows:

CESS Node [v0.5.0]

Updated and improved the storage pricing mechanism, and the storage unit price is dynamically adjusted in real time based on the computing power of the current network and other factors.

Updated and improved the storage miner punishment mechanism, extended the storage miner exit buffer period to give enough time to transfer data.

Updated unit tests and benchmark tests synchronously, with an over 90% coverage rate.

Added transaction comment function, fixed some errors, removed redundant binary program file (crate) references in the file module, proof module, and miner module, and received previously unprocessed content.

Optimized the parameters of some methods, no longer obtaining the ownership of the parameters, and reduced the occupation and consumption of memory resources.

Distributed Storage System:

Released storage miner v0.5.0 - v0.5.1 (Bucket v0.5.0 - v0.5.1) and the scheduling node v0.5.0 - v0.5.1 (Scheduler v0.5.0 - v0.5.1). The development details are as follows:

Storage Miner Bucket v0.5.0

Speed up the query time for chain status and transactions, extracted the logic and only execute it once.

Added the change IP address function to support storage miners to change service addresses while on duty.

Added the function of changing the income wallet address to support storage miners to change the address on duty.

Upgraded the logic of the space verification to increase the speed by 2~3 times.

Storage Miner Bucket v0.5.1

Fixed a bug that caused a mismatch between the local disk space and the on-chain space due to insufficient balance to initiate a transaction

Fixed the bug in update_address that caused the wrong miner status to be displayed.

scheduler v0.5.0

Updated the size of submission filling file metadata list up to 8.

Upgraded the miner space verification logic to increase the speed by 2~3 times.

Upgraded the purchased storage package query function.

scheduler v0.5.1

Fixed the bug that caused the update command to fail due to failure to parse the configuration file.

Fixed a bug that caused the register command to be abnormal due to uninitialized logs.

Optimized the logic of transaction failure inflicted by insufficient balance.

Optimized the scheduling cache logic, no longer cache for offline miners, the updated miner information will also be updated in the cache synchronously.

CESS Gateway:

Released Gateway v0.2.0

Optimized the space purchase function.

Added storage space upgrade, package renewing, package inquiry and other functions for users.

Added an interface for file status inquiry.

Added configuration file location customization.

Speed up query time for chain status and transactions.


Released Go SDK v0.2.0

Made compatible with CESS v0.5 version interface.

Supports downloading data directly from storage miners.

Technical Solution

1. Added the credit score mechanism of the R2S consensus mechanism, including processes of scheduler workload statistics, VRF verifiable random function, and validator election.

2. Introduced SGX technology to optimize the processes related to proof-of-storage for user data upload and space verification.

Technical Documents and References

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Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a decentralized cloud storage network for data storing and sharing, which is high-speed, secure, and scalable. CESS is an open-source public blockchain developed with Substrate, intended to be the underlying network infrastructure for decentralized storage needs. CESS network consists of four layers: blockchain, data storage, content distribution, and application layer. CESS’s R²S consensus mechanism coordinates the network resources and network load, guarantees data security and integrity through proprietary technologies with data ownership protection, technologies such as Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²), Multi-format Data Rights Confirmation (MDRC), and decentralized proxy re-encryption. CESS aims to be the first decentralized storage network that supports large-scale commercial applications.

CESS is also compatible with EVM and WASM, and the underlying development framework Substrate is also friendly to cross-chain applications. Its technology stack can support most Web3 applications and the development needs of enterprise-level applications.

2022.09.02 14:30