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Weekly Report ​​

Weekly Highlights

1. Over 4 consensus nodes and 637 storage nodes have been successfully registered since the release of the CESS testnet v0.5.1 on Sep 6th, The effective storage space of the current testnet has exceeded 37 TiB.

2. Great development progress in the blockchain network, consensus nodes, network, blockchain explorer, etc.

Project Development Details:


Optimized the file transmission method, replaced websocket with point-to-point transmission, improved transmission speed and stability.

Optimized the random source, changed the official RandomnessCollectiveFlip random source used by the current proof module to the VRF random source used by RRSC.

Removed the reference to the miner module configuration in the file module to reduce coupling.

Optimized the code of the miner’s self-calling module to increase the loading speed.

IP type definition special enumeration now supports two types of storage–IpV4 and IpV6.

Optimized the logic of file uploading from gateway to scheduling.

Finished writing custom TCP transport service and canceled the call of RPC.

Completed the transfer of the database because one of the servers ran out of disk space.

Modified the implementation of hash type decode and encode, and fixed the problem when the transaction failed to submit.

Consensus Node


Fixed the issues of the scheduling code constants and names.

Optimized the code of scheduling, used the interface-oriented method to encapsulate it uniformly, added comments, standardized the naming, and canceled the direct use of numbers.

SBP Substrate builder program

Completed the detailed functional design of retrieval miners and cache miners, and the storage and transaction design of pallet_cache_minner.

Completed the storage and transaction design of pallet_cache_minner.

Completed the payment method and process design when retrieval miners and cache miners finish downloads.

 Blockchain Explorer Substats

Prepared for the development of the new version, and used the RPC node of the Polkadot official website to test data synchronization.

Optimized the data in local database.



The CESS V0.5.1 testnet was launched on Sep 6th. Storage nodes close to 637 as of the end of last week. More details on the blockchain explorer.

The effective storage capacity of the entire network has exceeded 27 TiB.

If you encounter any issues building a node, please seek assistance on CESS Discord.


The miner reward event for the CESS testnet continued as storage and consensus miners can earn points by participating. Points can be exchanged for CESS tokens when the mainnet launches. Click here for details.

Community Activities

1. CESS Marketing Manager, John Humphreys-Ramos, participated in the Twitter Spaces hosted by PolkaWarrior at 4pm UTC, Oct 9th. John gave a talk with the topic–Web3.0 Decentralized Cloud Storage. John talked about the project implementation and the value of decentralized cloud storage to the Polkadot ecosystem and Web3.

2. CESS sponsored the Offline Hanoi event held by Binance Community in Vietnam at 7am UTC, Oct 16th. John Humphreys-Ramos, CESS Marketing Manager, gave a presentation to the Vietnamese Web3 community on the topic “CESS– a New Type of Decentralized Storage”. He explained the storage solutions CESS provides for it users by leveraging its innovative technologies and design.

Feedback and Support

Your feedback matters! Please report issues at CIPs to share your thoughts with us! You can also connect with CESS through other developers in the developer community. We welcome your valuable insights and opinions.



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