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CESS Testnet V0.5.2 Will Be Live on Oct 31st!

CESS will start the testing of CESS v0.5.2 at 0:00 UTC on October 31st. This version optimizes v0.5.1.

Optimization details as follows:

1. Adjust the way storage miners access the blockchain network, and use them as blockchain nodes to access in P2P mode.

2. Enrich the status information of the schedulers, and add the record and display of the authentication/proof speed of the idle data segment.

3. Optimize the verification process of the proof-of-storage mechanism, and the verifier can now directly obtain all the information required for the verification from the chain.

4. Update the credit score system of the R²S consensus mechanism, reduce the weight of previous contributions, and encourage the joining of new consensus nodes.

5. Fixed a series of bug fixes and optimized code, see Github for details: link.

The incentive testnet CESS-v0.5.2 will adopt the following reward rules, as detailed below:

Storage miners:

The testing period is 2–3 weeks, and all storage miners will be rewarded with a total of 2,000 points. Specifically, the final points of each miner are calculated based on the percentage of the total storage power contributed by the miner. For example, the total computing power of the entire CESS network on the last day of the test is 10,000G, and the computing power of miner A is 100G which is 1% of the total power. 1% * 2000 points, therefore miner will get 20 points.

Note: Each miner has to contribute at least 1G storage power to be qualified. Check the storage power for individual storage miners and the entire testnet here.

Consensus miners:

There would be secret rewards for consensus miners, and the rewards will be released after the test is over. For miners interested, please look for detailed information in the CESS Discord miner-support channel and apply for 1 million TCESS test tokens.

The daily storage miners’ computing power and reward points will be announced on CESS Twitter. The storage miners’ computing power value will be rounded up.

After the CESS mainnet goes live, rewards will be distributed at a ratio of 1:100 (i.e., 1 point is equivalent to 100 CESS tokens). Miner reward list will be posted daily. CESS reserves all the rights for the final explanation.

2022.10.29 14:15