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CESS Oct Monthly Technical Report

2022.10 CESS Monthly Technical Report​​

CESS Introduction

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a decentralized cloud storage network for data storing and sharing, which is high-speed, secure, and scalable. CESS is an open-source public blockchain developed with Substrate, intended to be the underlying network infrastructure for decentralized storage needs. CESS network consists of four layers: blockchain, data storage, content distribution, and application layer. CESS’s R²S consensus mechanism coordinates the network resources and network load, guarantees data security and integrity through proprietary technologies with data ownership protection, technologies such as Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²), Multi-format Data Rights Confirmation (MDRC), and decentralized proxy re-encryption. CESS aims to be the first decentralized storage network that supports large-scale commercial applications.

CESS is also compatible with EVM and WASM, and the underlying development framework Substrate is also friendly to cross-chain applications. Its technology stack can support most Web3 applications and the development needs of enterprise-level applications.

Important Technological Deliveries

Blockchain Network:

Released blockchain network v0.5.2. The development details are as follows:

CESS Node [v0.5.2]

· Adjusted the way storage miners access the network, and would be connected as a blockchain node in a P2P mode.

· Enriched the status information of the scheduler program, and added the record and display of the proof speed of idle data segments

· Optimized the verification process of the proof-of-storage mechanism, and the verifier can now obtain all the information required for the verification directly from the chain

· 4. Update the credit score system of the R²S consensus mechanism, reduced the weight of previous contributions, and encouraged the joining of new consensus nodes.

· Fixed a series of bug fixes and optimized code, see Github for details: link.

Distributed Storage System:

Released Bucket v0.5.3 and the scheduler v0.5.2. The development details are as follows:

Bucket [v0.5.3]

· Upgraded the file storage and download functions to speed up file downloads.

· Bug fixed: program error due to transaction failure during registration.

· Bug fixed: The storage miner’s income address is set to the staking address by default when registering

Scheduler [v0.5.2]

· Project structure upgrade, improved system stability and availability, and reduced resource usage.

· Upgraded file routing function to speed up file storage.

· Increased unit test cases to reduce the chance of system errors.

· Upgraded the proof-of-space function to allocate resources more reasonably.

CESS Gateway:

Released Gateway [v0.2.1]

· Upgraded file upload and download functions to speed up file downloads

· Bug fixed: failed to upload file metadata due to version update and interface modification.

· Bug fixed: Files did not get stored for a long time when uploading files.

Technical Solution

1. Completed the development of milestone 1 of W3F Grants “Substats — Universal Lightweight Block Browser Framework.”

2. Updated R2S consensus mechanism introduction and code explanation.

3. Confirmation of the 0.6.0 design.

4. Confirmation of the object storage function design.

Technical Documentation and References

Github link



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