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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report — ​​31.10.2022–6.11.2022

Weekly Highlights

1. The CESS V0.5.2 testnet was launched on Oct 31st.

2. Completed the release and testing of testnet v.0.5.2.

3. Development progress in blockchain network and NFT video, etc.

Project Development Details:

Blockchain Network


Completed the deployment, testing and release of the v0.5.2, the launch was smooth, and the current operation is stable.

Storage Miner


cess-bucket v0.5.3 version upgrade and deployment.


cess-scheduler v0.5.2 version upgrade and deployment.

Issued fixed: when the coroutine started by the client did not exit in time, resulting in the leak of the goroutine.

Completed the diagnosis on scheduler, no goroutine leaks and memory leaks, and the development environment and online environment functioned normally.


Completed the design of object storage and interface documentation.

Completed the upgrade and deployment of cess-gateway v0.2.1.

Completed the development of all functional modules of object storage, these functional modules include:

Storage purchase.

Additional storage purchase.

Storage plan renewal, authorization, cancellation of authorization, etc.

Storage Proof Repository SGX

Completed the submission of Intel SGX whitelist materials.

Completed the algorithm implementation of the Go version.

Algorithm development for SGX-Rust version.

NFT Video

Smart Contract — ink! ERC1155 contract development, progress 20%:

a). Function: realize the smart contract for the interaction between the video NFT platform and Polkadot.

b). Solved the problem of ERC1155 contract deployment error.

c). Solved the problem of contract deployment compatibility. The current version of the pallet-contracts of the CESS chain is too high. After downgrading to ink! 3.0.1, the erc1155 contract was successfully deployed on the CESS chain v0.5.2.

d). Completed the test of each transaction and query interface of the erc1155 ink! contract in Polkadot’s official block explorer.


Completed the construction of LAN CESS chain (3 link nodes, 3 scheduling nodes, 3 storage nodes) for streaming media service deployment.

The 3-second sleep limit for every 8M file filled by the storage miners of the LAN CESS chain has been removed.

Development of a large file asynchronous upload component and the progress display function.

Optimized the client, and changed the file upload block synchronization to asynchronous parallel.

Optimized the client and storage miners (bucket) to increase the file download speed on-chain.



Over 20 consensus nodes and 1041 storage nodes registered with almost 4 tib effective storage space within 7 days after the v0.5.2 testnet was launched. More details on the blockchain explorer.

New reward rules were implemented. Link.

If you encounter any issues building a node, please seek assistance on CESS Discord.


The miner reward event for the CESS testnet continued as storage and consensus miners can earn points by participating. Points can be exchanged for CESS tokens when the mainnet launches. Click here for details.

Community Activities

 At 4pm on Nov 2nd, CESS participated in the Limited Partner (LP) Update Q3 2022 meeting held by Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC). At the meeting, IVC shared its views on market trends and a review of its investment portfolio. Other projects participating in this conference with CESS include Wombo, solsniper, Xterio, Bware Labs, Epic League.

Feedback and Support

Your feedback matters! Please report issues at CIPs to share your thoughts with us! You can also connect with CESSthrough other developers in the developer community. We welcome your valuable insights and opinions.



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