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CESS First Testnet Online Upgrade — v0.5.3 at 8am, Nov 14th!

CESS will start the online upgrade of testnet v0.5.3 at 8:00am on November 14th UTC. This version has two major updates:

1.No reset needed for the new CESS testnet iteration. Storage and consensus miners do not need to get test tokens from the tap again. Storage space previously proved continues to be valid..

2.Added a CESS Object Storage Service (OSS) model. OSS aims to provide low-cost, secure, and scalable decentralized data storage services for Web3. Both individuals and enterprises can use OSS to store, manage and share data, such as NFT images and videos, dApp user data, and DeFi programs.The mission of OSS is to return data ownership back to the data creators, rather than being owned by centralized institutions. OSS follows the Apache 2.0 open-source protocol, allowing anyone to deploy and access files stored anywhere in the world simultaneously. In the first stage of the roadmap, CESS OSS will provide a standard storage method to implement the basic functions of object storage, including storage space purchase, storage container creation/deletion, file upload/download/deletion, and permission verification for user access requests.

CESS-v0.5.3 is the first public online testnet upgrade. Although we have tested many times in the development environment and all of them have been operated successfully, there is no guarantee that it will be successful at that time. Therefore, CESS-v0.5.3 will not announce the reward rules for the time being. If the online upgrade is successful, the reward rules will be announced three days after. If the online upgrade fails (although the probability is very small), the CESS test chain will be reset, and new reward rules will be announced three days after the successful operation.

CESS reserves all the rights for the final explanation. Thank you for your support and participation!

2022.11.14 14:30