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2022 Polkadot Winter Hackathon | CESS $3000 Prize Awarded

The Winter Polkadot Hackathon APAC 2022 has attracted many aspiring Web3 developers to participate. Leading Polkadot projects, including CESS, Gear, Manta Network, Moonbeam, etc., posted prizes to encourage developers to use their services and technologies to create their projects in this hackathon. Let’s review some of the highlight moments of CESS in this riveting competition!

There were 6 projects integrated with the CESS network among the 23 final teams that entered the finals this time. In the end, three teams out of the 6 won the $3000 CESS reward, and it was split equally and sent to the addresses provided by each team.

VIDEOWN: 0x378D889a6e66996C9Eda86D20D7E6adE666ce167 | Hash: 0x5ba27e51dfcf3d4a26f85a596b80df134b72c0c18d630bb175b3f5c3bbb2e845

QV.OD: TV8cnwd2ahso3VyRBUayMzVAGpitYh744z | Hash: c6c91912c68684d5bf192dd2bb80fe18a7f796ad7752c6377ac63b7d1a0e5793

Gitverse: TYH2VFAVnPAZhHB9u57uu2RpZSqJUc7CYL | Hash: be9820ba9b0a00e709e6a1e77e594cc5b5728dfbc12c30ba4bdf926391351f56

Once again we congratulate all the winning teams and we would like to give special recognition to all six teams that use CESS. These projects are the decentralized mail system PMail, decentralized video streaming platform VIDEOWN(Tenet), decentralized document signing platforms YGY and Designer, decentralized podcast QV.OD, and decentralized code repository Gitverse.

The teams that won the CESS prize are


VIDEOWN is a Web3 video creation platform built on the CESS chain and uses CESS decentralized cloud storage. The platform supports fast video upload and retrieval of various types with smooth streaming and user experience, and supports minting video content as NFT. The data generated by users and creators is secure and protected by the CESS network. VIDEOWN facilitates the materialization of a new creator economy where anyone can participate and be rewarded.


QV.OD is a decentralized podcast platform/software based on decentralized storage and blockchain technology. A decentralized Podcast is built for individuals and businesses, enabling anyone to independently and freely publish Podcasts without of the involvment of internet giants.


Gitverse is committed to building a code repository on Web3 and helping open-source projects issue programmable NFTs to gain revenue and stimulate the open-source ecosystem.

2023.01.14 14:30