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CESS Jan 2023 Monthly Technical Report

CESS Introduction

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a decentralized cloud storage network for data storing and sharing, which is high-speed, secure, and scalable. CESS is an open-source public blockchain, intended to be the underlying network infrastructure for decentralized storage needs. CESS network consists of four layers: blockchain, data storage, content distribution, and application layer. CESS’s R²S consensus mechanism coordinates the network resources and network load, guarantees data security and integrity through proprietary technologies with data ownership protection, technologies such as Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²), Multi-format Data Rights Confirmation (MDRC), and decentralized proxy re-encryption. CESS aims to be the first decentralized storage network that supports large-scale commercial applications.

CESS is also compatible with EVM and WASM, and the underlying development framework Substrate is also friendly to cross-chain applications. Its technology stack can support most Web3 applications and the development needs of enterprise-level applications.

Important Technological Deliveries

Blockchain Network:

Development focused on the CESS v0.6.0 of the blockchain network

CESS Network [v0.6.0]

Improved the benchmark of all custom Pallets in CESS-v0.6.0.

Fixed bugs in the file upload process, including failure of signature verification and inability to allocate orders.

Fixed bugs in the storage reward/punishment module, including incorrect calculation of rewards, incorrect statistics of survival time, and failure to delete files.

Fixed bugs including inaccuracies in releasing user space size, failure to clear invalid file fragments, and data overflow.

Fixed bug that failed to delete file storage order due to incorrect information.

Distributed Storage System:

Development focused on the Storage Miner v0.6.0 (Bucket v0.6.0), Scheduler v0.6.0, and Storage Proof Library (Kaleido). Details are as follows:

Storage Miner Bucket [v0.6.0]:

Optimized the source code structure and upgraded several data structures to make the program more concise and efficient.

Fixed a bug that may cause insufficient space during file upload due to exceptions.

Optimized the code flow for file management, data filling, and information reporting to the blockchain network.

Scheduler [v0.6.0]:

Fixed bugs of occasional exceptions in file upload, download, and deletion functions of the program.

Optimized the data backup logic of the program to avoid conflicts related to storing data replicas on the same node.

Storage Proof Library Kaleido [v0.1.0]:

Completed the benchmark of the SGX remote authentication and signature-related modules.

Added data signature function for private verification schemes of storage proof.

Completed the proof-of-storage test experiment and optimized the algorithm parameters based on the results.

Solved the problem of insufficient threads in private storage proof algorithms in SGX, and optimized the algorithm performance.

CESS Substats

Development focused on improving the CESS block explorer [v0.1.0]:

Updated storage space price display and calculation component.

Provides full-quantity block data snapshot and archive services for various networks in the Polkadot community, and launches statistical display function.

Optimized the display of data on the size of the currently available storage space for purchase and the calculation formula for space prices

DeOSS(Decentralized Object Storage Service)

Continued to improve the basic functions of the object storage [v0.1.2]:

Fixed scheduling node IP exceptions and large file upload failures.

Fixed the bug of batch files deletion when storage space expires.

Added wallet address lookup, network exit, and simultaneous file sending functions.

Technical Solution

Provided technical support to the participating teams of CESS Bounty competition during the 2022 Polkadot Winter Hackathon

Completed and delivered Milestone 1 of the W3F Grants “Substats — Universal Lightweight Block Explorer Framework”

Completed the deployment of the public DeOSS gateway, providing full-scale block data snapshot archiving services to various networks in the Polkadot community.

2023.02.01 14:30