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CESS Global Ambassador Program: Applications are now open!

Web3 is driven by blockchain technology with the defining characteristic of decentralization which sets it apart from Web2.

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a decentralized cloud storage network that provides a full-stack solution for high-frequency dynamic data storage in Web3.With its powerful and highly scalable system, CESS supports the monetization and sharing of user data while ensuring data privacy in a trustless manner, returning data ownership to users.

Through innovative decentralized cloud storage technology, CESS enables the achievement of Web3’s vision for data-centricity with emphasis on data monetization and privacy protection.

The goal of the CESS Global Ambassador Program is to recruit builders around the world who are passionate about CESS and willing to actively promote and enhance the community’s visibility and influence. They will help CESS’s ecosystem to achieve better development in technology innovation and copious cooperative expansion opportunities.

Who do we need?

As the CESS community and ecosystem continue to grow, we are launching the Ambassador program that is open to everyone. If you believe you meet the requirements, please sign up for the CESS Ambassador program. CESS Ambassadors will be categorized into community, technical, and content groups based on ambassadors’ skills and responsibilities. The specific skills and areas of focus needed are as follows:

Community Group

Participate actively and assist in maintaining community order, share the latest updates with the community, and provide user support.

Help organize both online and in-person events within the community and ecosystem.

Manage and maintain communities in the language(s) you are proficient in and potentially serve as the CESS ambassador in your country or region in the future.

Actively promote CESS in other communities to generate more interest and attract new users.

Technical Group

Get the opportunity to participate in the development process of the core technical team of CESS, help the team test and improve the code actively.

Help maintain CESS technical communities, including technical communities on Discord, Telegram, Wechat and more.

Assist in training new CESS miners and participate in miner management and support.

Content Group

Individuals who are skilled in writing articles, making pictures, videos, and any other multimedia forms are highly desired

Promote CESS mechanism and values into original content and post on your own social media platforms.

Multilingual ambassadors can help translate official documents or articles of CESS, and share with communities.

CESS’s ecosystem is open and diverse, and the categories and responsibilities mentioned above can be expanded as needed. We welcome individuals who have special skills and talents to contribute, please specify them down in your application.

Ambassador Growth Mechanism

To ensure a sustainable and thriving community development, as well as to maintain the quality of ambassador work and boost work motivation, we offer a promotion path for ambassadors who have demonstrated outstanding performance and contribution. They can advance to higher levels of ambassadorship, where they take on responsibilities such as coordination, management, and other areas of work, allowing them to fully utilize their abilities and enjoy greater rewards and community benefits.

Through this well designed ambassador growth mechanism, we ensure that exceptional talents can fully unleash their potential within the CESS ecosystem.

The ambassadorship consists of three levels:

Junior ambassador

Intermediate ambassador

Senior ambassador

After completing the CESS ambassador application and interview process, successful candidates become Junior Ambassadors. They choose a working group and set 3-month goals. If they complete the tasks on time with excellent performance, they are promoted to Intermediate Ambassador and so on. Our proven growth mechanism enables exceptional talents to thrive in the CESS ecosystem.

What can you gain by becoming a CESS global ambassador?

As a CESS global ambassador, you’ll receive enticing incentives and gain valuable experience to jumpstart your career in Web3.

Access to the latest CESS information:

Ambassadors will work closely with CESS and be able to be the first to learn about CESS’s project progress and news, including technology, products, market, and industry information.

Expand resources:

By being a CESS ambassador, you will have the chance to attend industry summits on a range of technology and other topics. These events offer the opportunity to participate in significant conference activities and network with prominent industry thought leaders.

Token incentives and gifts:

As an Ambassador Program member, you’ll be eligible to receive token rewards and exclusive peripheral gifts as part of our generous incentive mechanism.

Become an early ecosystem contributor and cloud partner of CESS:

By participating in training miners and operating nodes, Ambassadors can become early contributors and cloud partners of CESS. They can also accumulate community resources and tokens, and offer cloud services and products to enterprises and individual users cooperating with CESS. Ambassadors can realize their personal success in entrepreneurship by participating in the low-cost and profitable cloud agency.

Gain influence:

Once selected as an ambassador, you will be publicly displayed in the CESS community and receive your exclusive icon and certificate. As an honorary medal, it will exist on the decentralized cloud storage of CESS, and your speeches, content output, and actions will affect the development of the CESS ecosystem and even the entire Web3 construction.

How to apply?

If you are interested in participating in the CESS global ambassador program, please click this link to register:


Once your application is approved, you will receive an invitation email. Please pay attention to the following email for more information. We look forward to your joining!

2023.03.08 14:30