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What potential will the integration of SocialFi and cloud storage unleash?

With the start of 2023, the crypto market is showing signs of a new trend, and the recent launch of Damus has once again sparked interest in decentralized social media. Decentralized cloud storage is the infrastructure that underpins SocialFi, and CESS has already highlighted the importance of this in the article “Damus Craze Sparks Need for Decentralized Cloud Storage.” Decentralized storage systems offer a more efficient, secure, and cost-effective way of storing information while protecting data ownership. This is particularly relevant for social media applications that require reliable storage, real-time updates, and user control over data privacy and permissions. As a decentralized cloud storage network, CESS is well-equipped to meet all of these requirements through innovative technology.

To explore the potential of SocialFi and cloud storage, CESS is partnering with established industry projects such as DeSo, DeBox, Gear, and Hamster to host an online dicusssion on Twitter Space. Event link. The discussion will focus on how SocialFi is set to evolve in 2023 and where the next big opportunity may arise. Join us to learn more about how CESS can empower decentralized social media by providing the necessary infrastructure.

Join CESS in Twitter Space, Learn & Earn!


19:00 PDT Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

(Beijing time: 10:00 UTC+8, Thursday, March 16th, 2023)


1. Follow CESS Twitter account: @CESS_Storage

2. Click the link to participate in Space: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1gqGvyOzddgKB

Event Schedule:

2:00 PM — 3:10 PM: Roundtable Discussion

3:10 PM — 3:30 PM: Interactive Q&A

Event Topics:

During the roundtable session, guests will exchange their visions and perspectives on SocialFi’s underlying technology, trends, and development direction. The upcoming interactive Q&A session provides an opportunity for online communication, where you can ask any questions about the project, SocialFi, and cloud storage.

Rewards for User Participation:

Retweet the event announcement tweet to win 20 USDT and $20 worth of vDBX provided by DeBox.

Actively participate and ask questions during the Twitter Space event to win $20 worth of vDBX provided by DeBox.

Guest Projects Overview

We have invited Rico, the global ambassador of DeBox, Arash Ghaemi, the growth manager of DeSo, Frozen, the APAC ecosystem leader of Gear, and Alvis, the COO of Hamster to our Twitter Space event. Let’s take a look at the basic introductions of these outstanding projects.


DeBox is a Web3 social platform that provides decentralized social features and services for the Web3 community and members. The platform aims to solve the problems of social information authenticity and fraudulent environment governance. The main features include Position-based Chatting, an open DAO tool platform, and a multi-dimensional social graph.


DeSo is a novel social network that has built a custom blockchain where users can monetize their influence power and content. Its architecture is similar to Bitcoin but with greater scale and throughput, making it better suited to support social media’s complex data, such as posts, user profiles, followers, and speculative predictions. DeSo is dedicated to building a long-term blockchain network that promotes human development and brings competition and innovation back to the internet.


Gear is a Substrate-based smart contract platform that allows anyone to deploy a dApp in minutes. It is the most cost-effective way to run smart contracts compiled from many popular programming languages such as Rust, C, and C++. Gear ensures a very minimalistic, intuitive, and thorough API that can run new and existing programs on multiple networks without having to rewrite them. Smart contracts are stored in the blockchain state and called upon to preserve their state as required. Gear will facilitate the transition to the large-scale use of Web3 technology by running innovative dApps, microservices, middleware, and open APIs.


Hamster aims to build a one-stop infrastructure development toolkit for Web3. Positioned as a DevOps service platform, Hamster provides a complete set of development and operation tools, empowering Web3 projects to improve coding and delivery speed, quality and efficiency, as well as product reliability and security. Through Hamster, developers or project teams can realize the development, validation, and operation phases of their blockchain projects in an automated, standardized, and tool-based manner: from multi-chain contract templates, contract/frontend code building, security checks, contract deployment to contract operation and maintenance.

The projects participating in this Twitter Space event include DeBox and DeSo, who are deeply involved in the SocialFi track, as well as Gear and Hamster, who focus on infrastructure construction and development tool services. We believe that we will see diverse perspectives and insights in the event, and gain more technical understanding and underlying knowledge about SocialFi. The roundtable discussion on “The Next Development Direction of SocialFi” with the guests will also provide crypto enthusiasts who focus on the industry, especially on SocialFi, with more cutting-edge information and predictions.

Follow CESS official Twitter (@CESS_Storage) and see you there this Thursday!

2023.03.14 14:30