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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report 24.04.23–30.04.23

Weekly Highlights

1. Resolved issues such as failed file uploads and inconsistent encryption algorithms between programs causing verification failures.

2. CESS’s co-founder and chairman, Nick Zaldastani, attended Consensus2023 and other side events in Austin, Texas.

3. CESS’s Marketing Manager, John Humphreys, attended the SeeDAO event in the UK on April 26th.

Project Development Details

Current testnet: V0.5.3 consists of consensus and storage nodes. ​​Consensus nodes maintain the world state of the CESS network (by CESS Node)and serve as the “data authentication station” (by TEE Worker). Storage nodes provide verifiable storage space and serve as the “data storage pool” in the CESS network.

Consensus Miner [v0.5.3]

- Optimized the development for TEE Worker’s network registration, idle file, and file tag generation functions.

- Optimized the development of Kaleido Rotator P2P protocol framework, realizing the functionality of file transmission and requesting file tags.

- Solved the issues of application in Docker containers being unable to connect to the internet, and inconsistencies in encryption algorithms between Golang and Rust programs leading to verification failures.

Storage Miner [v0.5.3]

Integrated with the TEE Worker interface to add the functionality of obtaining idle files and file tags for storage nodes.

The mission of CESS is to provide Web3 with practical storage services. The product ecosystem of the current CESS network is becoming more robust and prosperous. Innovative applications such as decentralized object storage service (DeOSS), online file sharing tool (DeShare), and public chain snapshot storage service have been incubated. Users can experience these functions. Updates for this week:

Official website (cess.cloud)

Further improved the UI details of each page on the official website, ensuring a consistent display style across the entire site.

DeOSS(Decentralized Object Storage Service)

- Resolved file upload failures and multiple upload attempts issue.

- Organized, refactored, and expanded the functionality of the sdk-go code library, including the addition of a p2p message protocol and file extension support for returned files.



13 consensus nodes and 5277 storage nodes registered with almost 92.16 tib effective storage space within 176 days after the v0.5.3 testnet was launched. More details on the blockchain explorer.

If you encounter any issues building a node, please seek assistance on CESS Discord.


The miner reward event for the CESS testnet continued as storage and consensus miners can earn points by participating. Points can be exchanged for CESS tokens when the mainnet launches. Latest miner reward list.

Community Activities

1. CESS’s co-founder and chairman, Nick Zaldastani, recently attended Consensus2023 in Austin, Texas on April 26th-28th. The event brought together developers, investors, policymakers, and other industry leaders to address the challenges facing the crypto industry and to work towards realizing its transformative potential.

2. CESS’s Marketing Manager, John Humphreys, attended the SeeDAO event in the UK on April 26th. This event provided a valuable opportunity for Humphreys to connect with industry peers and leaders and to engage in discussions on a range of topics, including hardware wallets, web3 storage, VCDAO, DeFi, NFT, and education.

3. At the recent Consensus2023 event, CESS co-founder Nick Zaldastani had a valuable discussion with Polkadot’s Head of APAC, Helena Wang, about various topics related to the company’s project, including the CESS testnet, the Ambassador program, the upcoming mainnet launch, and market predictions. Zaldastani shared insightful information about these topics, and those who missed the discussion will want to catch up on the valuable information shared. Related tweet.

4. CESS attended the VIP dinner hosted by ChoiseCom, where some of the blockchain industry’s distinguished guests were in attendance. The event was an exciting opportunity for the CESS representative to network with peers and engage in discussions with influential players in the industry. Related tweet.

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