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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

1. BSC test chain

1.1 Complete V0.4 API interface for new pledge rules.

1.2 Modified mining client and scheduling miners logic: Miner /accounts which pledged less than 2000 CESS / TB will be temporarily frozen, and there will be no mining reward after freezing; Miners can unfreeze the account by increasing the pledge, unfreezes account will enjoy mining incentives normally.

1.3 Complete V0.4 API interface for new mining incentive rules . Miners receive mining rewards for active operations. Twenty percent of the Mining Reward is released immediately and the remaining 80 percent is released linearly in 180 days.

1.4 Complete the V0.4 API interface for new penalty rules. Failure to prove the service space will no longer get punished, only be space calculation will be deducted; 100 pledge tokens will be deducted each time when Service data section failed to be proven, system will change miner to store after three consecutive failures ; Penalize 50% of pledged token and all ununlocked mining rewards when network ports fail for 12 hours. All penalized tokens will be sent into the zero address and destroyed.

2. CESS Test Chain

2.1 Completed the basic networking function of CESS test chain;

2.2 Complete the on-demand configuration of the CESS test chain Submit architecture module;

2.3 Complete coding and unit testing of the CESS test chain FilesBank, Files Map and Sminer modules;

2.4 open source code, CESS test chain on-line test.

3. Substrate Builder
Complete part of the SubstrateBuilder technical work.

4. W3F Grants
Completion of phase I submissions for W3F Grants.

2021.10.01 14:21