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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

CESS community activities:

1.     CESS network updated internal testing on BSC smart testnet is make progress smoothly.

Check it out at (https://www.cess.cloud/

Total rewards: 3,000,000 CESS tokens

Current participating nodes: 85


2.     Working on documentation of project reports.


3.     CESS announced the appointment  of new leadership team members.

3.1  Sydney Armani as Chief Marketing Officer. Sydney is a mentor for Stanford University’s Blockchain Innovation Lab. Sydney brings more than 30 successful years at Silicon Valley to the team at CESS. Sydney will lead the marketing strategy for CESS and support the growing community for the CESS ecosystem.

3.2  Louis Albuerne as Business Development Lead. Louis has extensive work experience in the security encryption market, especially has deep understandings of the development of cloud software and data protection targeting finding solutions for new projects. He will be a great addition to the team, being a visionary in ensuring technology optimization and relevance to market demands, vigorously promoting CESS's efficiency in market trends and technological adaptability.

4.     Updated CESS website

4.1  Updated UI design and website layout.

4.2  Updated email function.



Project progress this week:


1.     CESS decentralized storage system

1.1  Responses to bug reports from internal test on BSC testnet

a.      Debugged and fixed issues of miner registration failure and network drive login failure. Problem is mainly caused by unstable RPC functionality on BSC testnet.

b.     Solved issue with GPU driver incompatibility for some nodes. Currently CESS does not support GPU mining.


1.2  Migration

With internal test on BSC testnet near completion, the team started the process of migrating CESS storage network to CESS chain v0.1 alpha.


a.      Completed the technical discussion and design for the migration.

b.     Completed API design for CESS chain transaction handling and chain status inquiry.


2.     CESS testnet

2.1  Completed coding for functions of storage miner registration and mining reward distribution.

2.2  Completed the technical design of storage proof module and computational capability proof module.


3.     Polkadot Asia Hackathon and W3F Grant

3.1 Started preparing CESS team for the 4th Polka Hackathon.

3.2 Started prototype design and individual task assignment in order to be more competitive. 

2021.11.02 07:30