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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

CESS Project Development

1. In the process of testing the CESS chain v0.2.0 version

  • Added more functions to the file routing module, allowing updates and deletion of the information of the file routing.
  • Fixed issues in the proof of storage module–the computing power did not get reduced when the proof of data segments failed the periodic verification.

2. Started testing the decentralized cloud storage system v0.2.0 version.

  • Debugged the scheduling process storage proof, verification functions, and other issues.
  • Added several types of exception handling for the data allocation in the scheduling process.
  • Completed the process document and usage document of the v0.2.0 storage system

CESS Community Activities

1. The internal test of the CESS decentralized storage system based on the iterative version of the Binance Smart chain Testnet ran successfully.

Activity link:(https://www.cess.cloud/)

Total reward: 3,000,000 CESS Tokens

Current participating nodes: 279

2. On Feb 6, 2022, the CESS community held a sharing event | Cumulus Encrypted Storage System’s (CESS) prospects in 2022,

CESS Co-founder and Operation Lead Jessie Dai had in-depth conversations and made plans with community members about the project and its development.

2022.02.07 18:39