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CESS is the first decentralized storage for large-scale
enterprise-level storage.
High-Performance, Fully Decentralized
Fast, Reliable, Highly Scalable with Unlimited Storage.
Key Technologies
Random Rotational Selection (R²S): Say goodbye to idle resources, a consensus mechanism achieve lower gas fees and higher transaction processing speeds (10,000 TPS) and maximum decentralization among network nodes.Process, transact and share your data in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²): Trust in technology. A trustless solution that verifies the authenticity of your data. PoDR² continuously challenges storage nodes to prove data validity and availability. Recovery functionality will prevent data loss and guarantee data integrity when storage nodes quit the network and enter the data cooling period.
Waste no more. CESS Cloud Pooling technology utilizes all available storage space scattered throughout the network. Regular checks on disk status, available storage space, used storage space, and invalid data clearing guarantee the maximization of storage resources.
Continuous Availability Proof of Storage (CAPoS): This algorithm is based on cryptography and regularly verifies the authenticity and availability of data through interactive audit responses, without retrieving the data.
Multi-Format Data Rights Confirmation (MDRC): Fingerprints are extracted from all data and permanently stored on-chain via smart contracts for traceability. Similar duplication can be discerned to confirm originality.
Proxy Re-encryption Technology (PReT): Enables secure sharing of encrypted data among authorized parties. A public key encryption technology that allows users to authorize decryption permissions to others without disclosing the data's contents.
CESS Network Architecture
Designed for Speed, Safety and Scalability.
Application Layer
Web Application
NFT Platform
Network Disk
Distributed Application
Distributed Content
Delivery Layer
Distributed Storage
Resource Layer
Blockchain Layer
Smart Contract
Consensus Algorithm
Proof of Storage
Transaction System
Incentive Mechanism
Encryption System
Blockchain Explorer
P2P Protocols
Use Cases
Customized Network Drive
Frontend Support
Decentralized Streaming and Social Media
Decentralized Data Marketplace
User Generated Content Platform
Blockchain Data Backup Hub
Milestones and Roadmap
The CESS team was formed. Designed the prototype of a decentralized cloud data network infrastructure.
Completed the preliminary design and vision of CESS storage system products.
Completed the architecture design and theoretical verification of the blockchain-based multi-layer network architecture and key technologies (R²S, MDRC, and PoDR²).
Completed the economic model design, website and published the v0.1 white paper;
Completed the design and development of testnet v0.1 to implement storage miner testing on BSC;
Completed the decentralized network disk demo test on BSC.
Completed the CESS decentralized network disk demo test on BSC. Completed W3F Grants Milestone 1.
Completed the development and release of testnet v0.1.2 - v0.6.0;
Participated in the 4th Polkadot Hackathon and won the Asia-Pacific Championship;
Completion of W3F Grants milestones 2 and 3;
Successfully selected for the Substrate Builder Program and completed Milestone 1 & 2;
Completed the release of CESS lightweight blockchain explorer Substats v0.1.0;
Completed the development, testing, and release of Decentralized Object Storage Service (DeOSS);
Completed R²S and PoDR² development and testing based on TEE technology;
Completed testnet to support native dApps performance testing and technology development.
Launch mainnet v1.0;
Publish the economic white paper;
Complete blockchain explorer Substats v1.0;
Implement the Proxy Re-Encryption technology;
Implement the retrieval nodes and cache nodes;
Launch a storage user client based on CESS protocol;
Release the decentralized cloud storage data sharing protocol;
Complete the technical and development tools for deploying social and streaming media dApps on CESS mainnet.
Implement CESS storage data network 2.0;
Complete the security and stability of the CESS storage system enterprise storage network.
Complete the technical yellow paper;
Achieve high compatibility and availability of the CESS system for enterprise storage.
Achieve DAO autonomy in the CESS community;
Realize a new data economy ecosystem with prosperity, diversity, security, and sustainability.
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