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CESS Global Ambassador Program
You are wanted!
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CESS welcomes individuals with unique skills and talents to apply and expand on the listed categories and responsibilities as needed. Please specify any special abilities in your application. The CESS ecosystem is built on principles of openness and diversity, promoting inclusivity and welcoming individuals from all backgrounds.
Community Contributor
  • Actively participate and assist in maintaining a healthy community. Share the latest updates and provide user support.
  • Help organize both online and in-person events within the community and ecosystem.
  • Manage and maintain communities in the language(s) you are proficient in.
  • Become a key point of contact in your country or region.
  • Actively promote CESS in other communities to generate more interest and attract new members
Content Talent
  • Individuals with expertise in producing multimedia content.
  • Create original CESS content and share it across socials.
Technical Builder
  • Become a part of our core technical team and contribute to testing and enhancing the code.
  • Assist in managing technical communities across different platforms.
  • Educate new CESS miners and provide support for miner management and assistance.
  • Individuals with expertise in producing multimedia content.
  • Create original CESS content and share it across socials.
Growth Path
Ambassadors showcasing outstanding performance and involvement may progress to elevated levels of ambassadorship,enabling them to assume more responsibilities and enjoy enhanced rewards and community advantages.
The CESS ambassador program is curated to unleash your talent. Let’s shape our future together.
Title - Ambassador Benefits
As a CESS Ambassador, you will receive great perks and rewards as well as gain valuable experience to jumpstart your Web3 career or enhance your existing expertise.
Be the first to know
Ambassadors will be first to learn about project progress and news, including technology, products, market, and industry information.
Access our resources
Attend industry summits on a range of technologies and other relevant topics. These events offer the opportunity to participate and network alongside key industry leaders.
Be eligible for token rewards and exclusive gifts.
Early Contributor and Ecosystem Partner
Ambassadors can become early contributors and cloud partners of CESS. They can also accumulate community resources and tokens, and offer cloud services and products to enterprises and individual users cooperating with CESS. Ambassadors can explore entrepreneurship by participating in a low-cost and profitable cloud agency structure.
Gain influence
As a CESS ambassador, you will be showcased publicly in the community and granted a unique icon and certificate. This award will be stored on our decentralized cloud storage, and your speeches, content output, and actions will have an impact on the development of the CESS ecosystem and the larger Web3 landscape.