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Decentralized Object Storage Service
Web3 Storage, Web2 Performance
Fast data processing and sharing online. CRUD supported.
Massive storage (1000 buckets/account)
DeOSS Light Quick Experience
DeOSS Pro Learn more Set up your Own Gateway
The Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery mechanism (PoDR²) with multiple data back-up ensures data integrity. The tiered processing of hot, warm, and cold data ensures data timeliness.
AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret are used for symmetric encryption to authorize and authenticate requests.
Each account can manage up to 1000 buckets, and each bucket has no space limitation, providing massive storage capacity.
Supports CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete), online real-time sharing, and flexible file management.
Users have full control of their data. Choose privacy storage, share it with specific people, or make it completely public.
You have exclusive control over your data and its ownership including the ability to delete it without interference.