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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

Weekly Highlights 

1. Outstanding development progress in the blockchain network and storage miners.

2. The CESS public chain testnet version 0.4.2 launched for testing on July 5th. It is testing three main parts of the network: storage miners, consensus miners, and storage user clients;

3. 23 testnet consensus miners have been successfully registered as of July 10th, and 931 storage miners have been successfully registered.

Consensus nodes on testnet: 23

Storage nodes on testnet: 931

4. Instruction: link. 

5. Claim TCESS: link.

6. Blockchain explorer: link.

7. Check daily points: link. 

8. Reward mechanism description: link. 

Project Development Details: 

1. Blockchain Network:

The version v0.4.4 has been released; completed the chain forkless upgrade.

Background: added file slicing and slicing redundancy functions, so that data can be recovered if data is lost on-chain. However, because the file size that WASM (WebAssembly) compiled under CESS chain runtime does not match the block size, the upgraded chain runtime transaction failed.

Solution(40% Progress): completed the forkless upgrade of the CESS chain, which means using the compressed file with WASM encoding format to complete the upgrade. The upgrade enhanced the chain runtime through the functions supported by the security of the blockchain itself. This upgrade allowed developers to update the code to the chain synchronously and efficiently.

2. Storage Miners

The v0.4.3 version has been released; successfully debugged the data redundancy code.

Background: Added data redundancy code for the new file slicing function so storage miners can perform data redundancy on the data after slicing. 

Solution (50% progress): The data redundancy encoding code for storage miner has been successfully completed. The code includes functions: miner’s proof of space, data challenge and others. 

3. CESS Backend Management Program (100% progress)

Added CESS backend deployment management program, which successfully helped developers to obtain installation packages without jumping to multiple links for download. Developers can one-click install CESS’s backend programs, that include interactive configuration, start CESS services, stop CESS services, view service status and service logs.

4. CESS Glossary:

Forkless upgrade: is a basic feature in the Substrate blockchain development framework to enhance the blockchain runtime through the security support functions of the blockchain itself.


WASM code format: WASM is portable, portable, and fast-loading binary-code format that can run in web browsers, aiming to support any language on any operating system.


Data redundancy coding: data redundancy coding refers to the reduplication of data. It is a process to store the same data in different data files. It ensures the privacy and security of data in the network.


Runtime: refers to the environment in which the program runs. it allows the program to interact with the computing resources it needs to work. The purpose is to implement language features, run features, and provide underlying libraries.

CESS Community Activities

1.The CESS testnet was launched to the public on July 5th. Anyone can join the CESS testnet to be the storage nodes and consensus nodes, or experience the file upload and download operations of decentralized storage as clients. CESS will give generous rewards to all nodes that meet the requirements. Refer to this link for details. Please go to the CESS Discord for help If you encounter any issue during the setup process.


2. Nicholas Zaldastani, Chairman of CESS, attended Japan’s largest blockchain conference IVS Crypto 2022 held in Naha on July 8th, 2022. Click here for details. Nicholas was invited to be a guest speaker in a roundtable discussion on topics Web3 and how businesses should adopt and enter the Web3 revolution. Stay tuned for more details.


3. CESS is holding the "Invite Friends to CESS Discord Ranking Competition" event to celebrate the official launch of the CESS testnet from July 6th - July 15th. Click here to learn about the event and prizes.


4. CESS’s China Community Manager, Andy Zou, was invited to participate in the REBASE community Coding Day at 14:00 on July 9th(UTC+8). and demoed the entire process of building CESS storage and consensus nodes online. The REBASE community is a developer community supported by technology enthusiasts around the world. The event was hosted by Shooter, and shared by engineers and developers from Dante Protocol, PNS and Gear. Andy also held an AMA on the Ternary community Telegram at 20:00 (UTC+8) the same day to share CESS’s advantages, core technologies, and vision. Andy mentioned that CESS can solve the pain points and problems existing in the current decentralized storage. Most projects lack the capability to provide effective storage solutions, let alone their user-unfriendly integration processes. 


5. CESS’s Marketing Manager John Humphreys was invited to attend the Unit Conferences hosted by the World Polkadot Forum. John gave a talk on the topic “ CESS: A Decentralized Storage Protocol for Large-Scale Commercialization.”


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