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Monthly Technical Report​​

CESS Introduction

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a decentralized cloud storage network for data storing and sharing, which is high-speed, secure, and scalable. CESS is an open-source public blockchain developed with Substrate, intended to be the underlying network infrastructure for decentralized storage needs. CESS  network consists of four layers: blockchain, data storage, content distribution, and application layer. CESS’s R²S consensus mechanism coordinates the network resources and network load, guarantees data security and integrity through proprietary technologies with data ownership protection, technologies such as Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²), Multi-format Data Rights Confirmation (MDRC), and decentralized proxy re-encryption. CESS  aims to be the first decentralized storage network that supports large-scale commercial applications. 

CESS is also compatible with EVM and WASM, and the underlying development framework Substrate is also friendly to cross-chain applications. Its technology stack can support most Web3 applications and the development needs of enterprise-level applications.

1. Important Technological Deliveries

Blockchain Network:

Released the v0.4.4 of the blockchain network (CESS v0.4.4) and developed the v0.5.0 version (CESS v0.5.0). The development details are as follows: 

1. Released V0.4.4

2. V0.5.0 #75

  • Developed a new pricing mechanism for storage users. 

  • Completed development of a penalty mechanism for storage miner. 

  • Coded a benchmark for the miners.

  • Coded benchmarks for file and space 

  • Incorporated the first phase of R2S (Random Rotational Selection consensus)

  • Version regulation. 

  • Entered internal testing

Distributed Storage System: 

Released the storage miner v0.4.3 (Bucket v0.4.1) and the scheduling node v0.1.4 (Scheduler v0.1.4). The development details are as follows:

Storage Miner Bucket v0.4.3

  • Users can download files directly from miners

  • Supports RPC and HTTP modes when downloading files

  • Increases the connecting scheduling mechanism: giving priority to fast and stable networks.

  • Cancels the persistent connection function with nodes on-chian

  • Adds the domain name configuration to the configuration file

  • The data storage directory is changed to the miner's signature account address

  • Deletes the padding file record on-chain when the miner quits mining

Scheduler Node [v0.1.4]

Optimized failing to update IP problem

  •  Prevent scheduling node disk from filling up with data directory



CESS Gateway:

Released Gateway v0.1.2. 

· Fixed an issue where the local port could not be listened to

· Fixed an issue where the first authentication failure would cause the second authentication to fail


CESS Node Deployment Program:

Released NodeADM v0.1.0. 

  • Completed program development and it entered the Alpha internal testing phase.

  • Simplified the process and requirements of node deployment for storage miners and consensus miners.

Technical Solution

1. Adjusted functions: billing time, effective time, purchasing packages (5 types), lease renewal, capacity expansion, freeze after expiration, and file cleanup at the end of the freeze period in the storage user’s pricing mechanism.

2. Adjusted the storage malfunction fee deduction method in the storage miner penalty mechanism, buffer period, and the process when the miner has insufficient deposit. 

See details.  

Technical Documentation and References

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