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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

Weekly Highlights

1. Over 9 consensus nodes and 350 storage nodes have been successfully registered since the release of the CESS testnet v0.5.1 on Sep 6th, The effective storage space of the current testnet has exceeded 6 TiB.

2. Great development progress in storage miner, scheduler, gateway, blockchain explorer, and etc.

Project Development Details:

1. Storage Miner


Optimized memory overflow: The scheduling of Go 1.19 had a memory overflow problem, and it rolled back to Go 1.16.

Adjusted the cool-off period to 28800 block time for storage miners to exit.

Fixed the bug that the income address of storage miners is set as the staking address as default during registration.

Released v0.5.2 version source code and docker image.

2. Consensus Miner


Fixed the error in the scheduler that happened when it failed to upload metadata.

Optimized the project directory structure, cleaned and optimized code, and further modularized the new version.

Added the function of recording the number of storage miners connected to the current scheduler.

Optimized the logic of the scheduler to distribute data segments to miners.

Updated the logic of the scheduler to cache idle data segments.

Fixed error that the consensus node IP failed to update.

Fixed the timeout problem when the scheduler submitted verification proof.

The local warehouse released v0.5.1 version, and the docker image is released to the public.

3. Gateway

Upgraded Go version to 1.19.

Solved the problem when file not to be stored for a long time when uploading files.

Solve the problem that files were not stored for a long time due to random offline scheduling.

Version 0.5.1

[0.5.1 Release]

Deployed EVM in the production environment of version 0.5.0.

Replaced the Polkadot consensus module with a credit system model that better adapts to the CESS protocol.

Adjusted the Oracle transaction method, which is now available to all on-duty consensus nodes;

Fixed the problem where users failed to purchase storage packages.

Added transactional tag for calling transaction.

Released v0.5.1 version source code.



The CESS V0.5.1 testnet was launched on Sep 6th. Storage nodes exceeded 350 as of the end of last week. More details on the blockchain explorer.

The effective storage capacity of the entire network has exceeded 18 TiB.

If you encounter any issues building a node, please seek assistance on CESS Discord.


The miner reward event for the CESS testnet continued as storage and consensus miners can earn points by participating. Points can be exchanged for CESS tokens when the mainnet launches. Click here for details.

Community Activities

1. After Blockchain Rio Festive, CESS Community Operations Manager John Humphreys-Ramos stayed in Brazil for a week and participated in several online and in-person events and activities, including a talk on Twitter Spaces co-hosted with Polkadot and Tecnologias Web3.0. John promoted CESS and built partnerships with developers, working with Brazil’s Web3 builders to build the decentralized storage infrastructure.

2. At 12 PM UTC on Sep 10th, CESS Marketing Lead Molly Zhang had an AMA in the Polka Warriors for the Vietnamese community. Molly answered community members’ questions about the advantages and features of the CESS project and how the proprietary technologies can solve the industry’s pain points.

Feedback and Support

Your feedback matters! Please report issues at CIPs to share your thoughts with us! You can also connect with CESS through other developers in the developer community. We welcome your valuable insights and opinions.



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