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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

Weekly Highlights

1. Over 9 consensus nodes and close to 400 storage nodes have been successfully registered since the release of the CESS testnet v0.5.1 on Sep 6th, The effective storage space of the current testnet has exceeded 12 TiB.

2. Great development progress in storage miner, consensus miners, gateway, and blockchain explorer, etc.

Project Development Details:

1. Storage Miner


Upgraded Go to v1.19 to solve the issues that occured after the recent iteration.

Modified the calculation of the cool-off period for miners to quit mining after the block time being changed to 6 seconds.

Released cess-bucket v0.5.2 and updated readme.

Fixed an issue where a program error would occur if the transaction failed during registration.

2. Consensus Miner


Updated the unserved data segment in the scheduling SGX combination scheme.

Optimized PoDR2 algorithm process and remote authentication process documents.

Fixed the problem that nodes do not report VRF random numbers. The reported transaction was released in the pre-dispatch function of the pallet’s unsigned transaction verification trait.

The test nodes report VRF random numbers respectively, and the reported transactions are scattered in different blocks as expected.

3. Gateway


Improved the new file upload process. Currently an anomaly has been found, when the consensus is a malicious node, the file order will continue to enter the “recovery state”.

Debugged using acuit-hardspoon to complete data migration, obtained the state of the specified block height by executing the script, and generated a new chain specification.

Fixed the problem that uploading file metadata failed due to the modification of the link interface.

Upgraded Go to v1.19 to solve some problems after the iteration.

Fixed the issue when uploading files, scheduling from random to offline caused the long delay of storing the files.

4. Official website

Completed the background draft function and test.

Fixed the problem of uploading images in the background editor.

5.Block Explorer Substats

Modified the link to the source code Readme.

Fixed an issue where the home page shows duplicated lists sometimes.



The CESS V0.5.1 testnet was launched on Sep 6th. Storage nodes close to 400 as of the end of last week. More details on the blockchain explorer.

The effective storage capacity of the entire network has exceeded 12 TiB.

If you encounter any issues building a node, please seek assistance on CESS Discord.


The miner reward event for the CESS testnet continued as storage and consensus miners can earn points by participating. Points can be exchanged for CESS tokens when the mainnet launches. Click here for details.

Community Activities

1. Andy Zou, CESS China Community Manager, participated in the “Graduation Ceremony” Demo Day event of the Web3.0 training camp last weekend. Andy demonstrated how to upload/download files, and how to deploy Gateway on CESS.

2. Andy participated in the in-person sharing session of Gear Meetup and gave a keynote speech on Sep 18th 12AM UTC in Nanjing, Chian. Andy explained in detail how CESS can achieve rapid data retrieval and return by implementing innovation and state-of-art technologies.

Feedback and Support

Your feedback matters! Please report issues at CIPs to share your thoughts with us! You can also connect with CESS through other developers in the developer community. We welcome your valuable insights and opinions.

2022.09.19 14:15