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New Miner Reward Rules for CESS-v0.5.3

CESS testnet online upgrade to v0.5.3 has officially completed on November 14th. Since this upgrade is based on the existing data of v0.5.2, the miner rewards are also calculated altogether with CESS-v0.5.2.

Storage Miner

The storage miners will share 8000 points in total for both v0.5.2 and v0.5.3, which means 6000 points will be added to the 2000 points from v0.5.2. Specifically, the final points of each miner are calculated based on the percentage of the miner’s contributed power in the network’s total storage power.

For example, if the total storage power of the entire network is 10,000 GiB, and the effective power of miner A at the end of the test is 100 GiB, then miner A gets 20 points for this round.

Note: Each miner has to contribute at least 1G storage power to be qualified. Check the storage power for the entire testnet or individual storage miners here.

Consensus Miner

The secret reward details for consensus miners will be disclosed when the test ends. Those interested in participating in the consensus miner test, please apply for 1 million TCESS test tokens in the CESS Discord miner-support channel.

The miner reward list is posted daily on CESS Twitter account. After the CESS mainnet goes live, rewards will be distributed at a ratio of 1:100 (i.e., 1 point is equivalent to 100 CESS tokens). CESS reserves all the rights for the final explanation.

In the future, CESS will continue to upgrade its testnet and reward those who participate in the testnet. In addition, there will be some workshops and in-person meetups soon. Everyone is welcome to participate, and let’s embark on a journey to materialize Web3 by building a robust global decentralized storage infrastructure together!

2022.11.19 14:30