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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report 26.12.22–01.01.23

Weekly Highlights

1. 3123 storage nodes and 14 consensus nodes registered with 33.56 TiB verified storage space. Details.

2. Finishing the development of each module of CESS v0.6.0. Main functions include consensus miner, storage miner, and proof-of-storage verification mechanism

are developed and being debugged and tested,

3.Optimized DeOSS(Decentralized Object Storage Service)

4.Completed the layout of CESS homepage.

5. Optimized and upgraded the Substrate browser, etc.

Project Development Details:

Consensus Miner

Debugged and tested new functions:

Completed the performance test of the main functions of the consensus miner.

Debugged and tested functions of miner registration and idle file upload, etc.

Fixed bugs found during debugging and testing.

Storage Miner

Updated, debugged, and tested new functions:

Upgraded the on-chain event monitoring function of storage miners and increased support for new events.

Completed the development of the functions related to storage proof.

Debugged and tested the storage miner data management function.

DeOSS (Decentralized Object Storage Service)

Upgraded the file download function and organized new work tasks:

Upgraded the data download module and added a breakpoint for download function.

Sorted out the existing issues in functions and new requests and requirements.

Proof-of-Storage Mechanism

SGX storage proof has entered the final debugging stage:

Completed the development of SGX storage proof and nodes on-chain interaction.

Debugged and tested the SGX storage proof, consensus miner and storage miner collectively.

Optimized the memory usage efficiency of the proof-of-storage algorithm, debugged some problems, and improved the overall robustness and security of the algorithm.

Optimized the code structure of the Kaleido algorithm and improved the Readme document to make it more readable and maintainable.


Finished the layout of the homepage of CESS official website and entered the testing stage.

Completed the OSS domain name configuration.

Substrate browser optimization: modified the pricing method for storage purchase, and added page with a statistical list to display chain related data.



14 consensus nodes and 3123 storage nodes registered with almost 33.56 tib effective storage space within 47 days after the v0.5.3 testnet was launched. More details on the blockchain explorer.

If you encounter any issues building a node, please seek assistance on CESS Discord.


The miner reward event for the CESS testnet continued as storage and consensus miners can earn points by participating. Points can be exchanged for CESS tokens when the mainnet launches. Click here for details.

Community Activities

1. CESS meme contest lasted for 7 days and ended on Dec 29th. Constants were instructed to create memes that synosized Web3 in 2022. Winners have been announced on Discord! Stay tuned for future activities on our Discord.

Feedback and Support

Your feedback matters! Please report issues at CIPs to share your thoughts with us! You can also connect with CESSthrough other developers in the developer community. We welcome your valuable insights and opinions.



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