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CESS meets Web2 executives & entrepreneurs: How decentralized cloud storage can help companies enter Web3?

On February 18th and 19th, 2023, Jessie, co-founder and COO of Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS), was invited by Dr. Cao, president of the ASEAN Blockchain Industry Association, to participate as a guest speaker in the closed-door sharing session of the Web3 Club. Web3 Club is an exclusive community in Web3 that attracts top senior executives and entrepreneurs. During the sharing session, Jessie shared with club members how CESS’s decentralized storage network can empower companies and how companies can smoothly transform from traditional industry technology to Web3 while using CESS’s decentralized cloud storage services.

For friends who were unable to participate in person, this article can help you experience the exciting exchange between CESS and Malaysian entrepreneurs.

The inevitability of decentralized cloud storage

The cloud storage market is currently controlled by a handful of major conglomerates, creating barriers for new players to enter the market. Nevertheless, decentralized cloud storage technology is disrupting the barrier and experiencing rapid growth, with the potential to support both Web3 and Web2. According to CoinGecko, decentralized storage capacity has increased significantly over the past two years, indicating that this technology has enormous potential for expansion and is poised to become a significant development trend.

Decentralized cloud storage directly tackles the pain points of Web2 centralized cloud storage.

Centralized cloud storage poses significant challenges, including data security, data privacy, data ownership, and data availability. In a centralized system, user data is not owned by the user, and data security and stability depend solely on the service provider’s reliability. However, decentralized storage offers a unique advantage by enabling encrypted data replication across multiple locations and access points, mitigating the risk of hacking attacks through a single node. Decentralized storage also allows for effective data rights confirmation and privacy protection, giving companies complete control over their data. The challenges faced by centralized storage create opportunities for the inevitable rise of decentralized storage solutions.

Decentralized cloud storage protects data ownership and privacy

Reliable reports indicate that Meta, formerly known as Facebook, earns billions of dollars annually through user data exploitation. Under the current system, individual users and businesses lack control over their data and cannot access the value generated from it. Decentralized cloud storage offers a solution by returning data ownership to individuals, providing them with control over their data and enabling fair and just value sharing on the internet. By democratizing data ownership, individuals can now profit from their data and information, rather than being exploited by large social media platforms for profit.

Furthermore, Jessie informed members of the Web3 Club about the benefits of decentralized cloud storage, such as its ability to ensure immutability and trustlessness, achieve data integrity and availability, avoid single points of failure, and enhance anti-censorship measures. These entrepreneurs, who attended the conference, demonstrated an even stronger desire for data ownership and value than individual users.

CESS empowers companies to achieve win-win situations

The entrepreneurs who attended the conference that day were thriving in their respective fields and were the leaders in the industry. However, they did not know much about Web3 or CESS. Jessie, as the co-founder of CESS introduced storage network in two points:

CESS is a public storage chain.

CESS specializes in providing decentralized full-stack solutions for high-frequency dynamic data storage in Web3. It provides DeOSS and CESSdrive services for users, smart contracts and development tools (APIs and SDKs) for developers, and supports the decentralized storage needs of enterprise-level and phenomenon-level decentralized applications (dApps).

CESS is a network with huge data value.

CESS technologies enable users to monetize their data and trade/share it freely while having their privacy and ownership protected. Meanwhile it also supports development teams in creating innovative solutions through secondary development.

After introducing what CESS is, Jessi also clearly introduced what services and help CESS can provide for enterprises:

Enterprises can use CESS’s innovative DeOSS to store large files with most formats and has data backup to prevent hacker attacks and eliminate the risk of data breaches.

Enterprises can become CESS network cloud merchants or cloud agents, and have a profit model while using decentralized cloud storage services.

CESS helps enterprises to enter Web3 by building dApps on the CESS network or using CESS’s storage services and development tools, and jointly build the CESS and Web3 ecosystem.

Empowering enterprises, starting with empowering an industry

As previously mentioned, the Web3 Club’s entrepreneurs come from diverse industries. Their immersion in CESS’s presentation has sparked a heightened business acumen and strategic foresight, inspiring them to contemplate how CESS can advance their respective industries or fields.

DeOSS(decentralized object storage service) is a tool provided by CESS’s decentralized cloud storage network for storing and retrieving large files while ensuring network scalability, efficiency, low cost, and security. DeOSS supports the storage needs of high-frequency dynamic data and is the S3 in the decentralized storage field. DeOSS enables decentralized cloud storage to empower all different kinds of industries by addressing the current technical challenges and fulfilling the decentralized storage requirements of large-scale businesses. Jessi’s industry case examples demonstrate the significant role that DeOSS plays in achieving this goal.

Internet of Things (IoT): Data Value and Privacy Protection in Daily Life

The integration of CESS and IoT technology has countless applications, such as smart homes, which people encounter most frequently in their daily lives. Through CESS, the data collected by smart home appliances is not only stored on central servers or cloud-based storage, but also on the blockchain. The blockchain can provide more effective protection of personal assets and maintain the security of the home IoT network.

Web2 Industry: Decentralized Storage of Massive Data

Traditional internet companies face pressing data storage challenges that require prompt and effective solutions. From a user’s perspective, data breaches result in the theft of sensitive information, leaving users with no control over their personal data. From a company’s perspective, centralized cloud storage is expensive and has security risks, and unstructured data storage is not well supported. CESS can provide the fastest, low-cost, secure, programmable, and private decentralized cloud storage services for any type of data according to the needs of the enterprise.

Web3 Trending Field: Storage Support for Games and Metaverse

Over the past year or two, the Web2 gaming companies have been experimenting with blockchain technology. With its original storage capabilities, CESS can advance the transformation of the gaming sector and support the development of Web3 gaming and the metaverse. By offering decentralized transparency, strong immutability guarantees, and customization options for Web3 gaming and the metaverse, CESS puts game users in complete control of their in-game data, with traditional game service providers no longer at the forefront. This opens up a digital “everlasting” gaming world that brings forth exciting possibilities for both businesses and users.

Finance and Trade: Storing and Financing the Trading of Data

As the first field to enter the mainstream market using blockchain technology, most of us have heard of DeFi (decentralized finance). The decentralized cloud storage capabilities of CESS can not only help establish new decentralized financial products, financial tools, and even financial systems, but also enable these important financial data to be monetized, truly promoting the birth of a new data economy.

International Logistics: Real-time Data Update and Sharing, Privacy Permission Management

CESS’s DeOSS offers a unique advantage by providing decentralized storage services that cater to the needs of users with high-frequency dynamic data storage requirements. Its architecture allows for fast read and write speeds, high security, scalability, and privacy management. This aligns well with the data requirements of Web3 and is particularly relevant to the logistics industry, where real-time data updates and shared management needs are crucial. The implementation of DeOSS in the logistics industry could help achieve decentralized logistics data storage, which would not only enhance data security but also enable greater efficiency and cost savings.

Artificial Intelligence: The Unlimited Potential of AI+Blockchain

The recent rise of ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence chatbot) has once again brought AI back into the mainstream spotlight. The use of a decentralized ledger in blockchain can deeply understand the working principles of AI systems and the sources of data that these platforms may use. The effectiveness of AI systems is more dependent on data securely stored on the blockchain. The potential for the combination of innovative technologies, such as AI and blockchain, is unlimited.

The opportunities of Web3 are available to every enterprise.

Throughout history, industrial revolutions have shaped the current global development pattern. Some countries and enterprises have taken advantage of these revolutions to catch up with the times and create numerous successful cases.

The enormous transformative power of blockchain presents a greater opportunity for entrepreneurs in various industries around the world. How to seize the technological transformation opportunity of blockchain and how to enter Web3 to enjoy the benefits of being a pioneer are questions that entrepreneurs are contemplating. Decentralized storage, as the most robust foundation of Web3, and CESS, as the cornerstone for enterprises to enter Web3, are the first choice for various industries to enter Web3!

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