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CESS Successfully Completes Its Third Grant Proposal Application to Web3 Foundation

On Feb 27th, 2023, Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) submitted its third grant proposal to the Web3 Foundation (W3F), with the delivery of the Substats (universal lightweight blockchain explorer framework.)

The initial proposal was submitted on Sep 27th, 2022. Two months later, on Nov 27th, the first milestone, “implementation of backend infrastructure,” was achieved. The second milestone, “implementation of data processing tools,” was completed on Jan 27th, 2023, and the third and final milestone, “completion of frontend components,” was reached on Feb 27th of the same year.

We successfully completed this grant proposal which was to build a versatile, free, and lightweight blockchain explorer development framework called Substats for the CESS network and other projects in the Substrate ecosystem. Substats easily realizes the visual presentation of customized browsers through modular UI components, reduces development costs and difficulties, while improving and optimizing the user’s blockchain browsing experience. In the article, “Customize Your Blockchain Explorer Quickly with Substats” which detailed Substats’ advantages in on-chain data caching and retrieval, data processing modules, and explained the implementation principles of Substats. Please click the link to learn how Substats can be a better alternative as blockchain explorer development framework.

CESS, the secure, scalable, and high-speed decentralized cloud storage network infrastructure built with Substrate, is committed to expanding Substrate technology to provide even more innovative technologies and product tools.

CESS contributes to the ongoing innovation of W3F

The W3F Grants, launched by Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, this funding program supports high-quality projects that aim to promote the development of the Web3 ecosystem. Since its inception in 2019, the program has successfully funded over 450 projects, including renowned parallel chain projects such as Phala, Bifrost, and Acala on the Polkadot network.

In September 2021, CESS applied for its first grant proposal and successfully delivered all three milestones by January 2022. The proposal’s objective was to establish infrastructure for a decentralized cloud data network based on blockchain, which is the very purpose of the CESS network’s inception. Through the completion of all milestones, CESS demonstrated its superiority as a decentralized cloud storage infrastructure, showcasing its seamless compatibility and interoperability with Substrate ecosystem projects. As a result, CESS has become a valuable member of the Substrate ecosystem and the wider Web3 community, providing a robust infrastructure for enterprise-level, large-scale commercial applications in Web3.

On March 7th, 2022, CESS submitted its second grant proposal to the W3F, aiming to develop storage pallets for Substrate. The proposal was successfully completed with the delivery of three milestones in July of the same year. With the development of the storage “toolbox” and its integration into the Substrate “library,” CESS has facilitated more ecosystem participants to use decentralized storage services in Substrate, thereby increasing the frequency of storage usage. CESS not only provides storage services for the Substrate ecosystem but also accelerates the efficiency of building its own ecosystem in the future.

CESS empowers the Substrate ecosystem

Adhering to the same development philosophy as the Web3 Foundation, CESS will use storage technology to empower the Substrate ecosystem, providing decentralized object storage services and development tools for ecosystem projects and dapp teams.To establish the foundation of storage in Web3, CESS provides infrastructure that empowers users with data ownership and privacy protection, allowing for the freedom of data sharing and further promoting the monetization of data value! Please continue to follow CESS and look forward to our future developments!

2023.03.11 14:30