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CESS March 2023 Monthly Technical Report​​

CESS Introduction

Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a decentralized cloud storage network for data storing and sharing, which is high-speed, secure, and scalable. CESS is an open-source public blockchain, intended to be the underlying network infrastructure for decentralized storage needs. CESS network consists of four layers: blockchain, data storage, content distribution, and application layer. CESS’s R²S consensus mechanism coordinates the network resources and network load, guarantees data security and integrity through proprietary technologies with data ownership protection, technologies such as Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²), Multi-format Data Rights Confirmation (MDRC), and decentralized proxy re-encryption. CESS aims to be the first decentralized storage network that supports large-scale commercial applications.

CESS is also compatible with EVM and WASM, and the underlying development framework Substrate is also friendly to cross-chain applications. Its technology stack can support most Web3 applications and the development needs of enterprise-level applications.

Important Technological Deliveries

Blockchain Network:

Development focused on the CESS v0.6.0 of the blockchain network

CESS Network [v0.6.0]

Updated data type of the file block index structure in the on-chain challenge information from [byte] to [uint32].

Completed the phased upgrade of the Substrate framework which has been successfully migrated to Polkadot-v0.9.36.

Added comment to update_price and ownership_transfer methods in the file bank module (#114).

Adjusted the code structure of the on_initialize method in the segment book module (#115).

Optimized code structure of several modules to avoid unnecessary copying of parameter values (#116).

Completed the encoding and testing of the batch deletion function, supporting users to delete a specific amount of data within a single transaction.

Completed the upgrade and adaptation of the framework, including support for new features and functionalities, as well as improvements in performance and security.

Distributed Storage System:

Development focused on the Storage Miner v0.6.0 (Bucket v0.6.0), Scheduler v0.6.0, and Storage Proof Library (Kaleido). Details are as follows:

Storage Miner Bucket [v0.6.0]:

Fixed a vulnerability where calling the random number generator multiple times within the same block would output the same random number.

Completed the adaptation of the blockchain framework upgrade, and tested functionality such as registration and reward.

Completed the encapsulation of the file transfer functionality based on p2p technology, allowing for direct point-to-point transmission and improving both the speed and security of the transfer.

To adapt to the updates on the chain, the team has completed the upgrade of the storage node code, including modifications to pallet module names and event definitions, as well as updating the go-substrate-rpc-client version.

Storage Proof Library Kaleido [v0.1.0]:

Carried out the framework migration of the basic completed storage proof library, from Kaleido to Kaleido-Gramine.

Fixed a vulnerability that caused remote authentication failure after the storage proof library was migrated to the Gramine framework due to the failure to introduce a specific driver.

Added the design of a new key sharing module to the storage proof library Kaleido. The integration of the new module will make Kaleido more advantageous in protecting data integrity and availability, and provide users with a better experience.

Adjusted the two-way authentication module in the storage proof library Kaleido to the rust-tls mode of SGX-SDK to improve performance and security.

Completed the implementation of the batch verification algorithm in the storage proof library Kaleido, which can significantly reduce verification time and improve the reliability and stability of the system.

Network Products & Services:

CESS Substats

Development focused on improving the CESS blockchain explorer [v0.1.0]:

Optimized the front-end homepage components to showcase more design details and valuable content to users.

Optimized the database storage to improve the performance of front-end content rendering.


DeOSS(Decentralized Object Storage Service)

Continued to improve the basic functions of the object storage [v0.1.2]:

Added unit test examples, and a unit test module to the Readme.

Added a new function for batch deleting files, which helps reduce the number of user operations and transaction fees.

CESS Online File Upload Service (DeShare)

An URL link generation tool for file upload and storage, launched on the CESS testnet [link].

Shortened the length of file sharing links, making them more advantageous for dissemination and saving space for users.

Optimized the front-end page UI to further improve the user experience.

Implemented a fix for the issue where some images were not displayed fully when their links were opened.

Technical Solution

The team has made significant progress on the SBP project and recently completed a summary report for milestone 3. During this phase, the team focused on optimizing the CDN to improve system performance and reliability.

Delivered all milestones for the “Substats — a Universal Lightweight Blockchain Browser Framework” in the W3F Grants program. Going forward, the team will continue to optimize and improve various aspects of Substats to provide users with a better experience and service.

After extensive research and analysis, the team identified areas for improvement on the existing official website. Based on this information, the team worked together to create a new product vision and a comprehensive design system that meets the needs of users.

The team held discussions on the version upgrade strategy for the Kaleido storage proof library to provide users with better performance and new features.

Technical Documentation and References

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