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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

The week at work:
1.CESS decentralized cloud data network
1.1 User Address
A. Designed the user address
B. Designed the API interfaces for user addresses
C. Coding of user addresses completed
D. Iterated CESS white paper (modified consensus layer)
1.2 Storage System
A. Designed the processes for the storage market
B combs the functionality of the storage market
1.3 Blockchain Wallet
A. Sort out all the functions of blockchain
B. Design a blockchain wallet usage process
C. Created a prototype blockchain wallet

2. BSC
2.1. Changed the code to limit the size of sectors, thus lowering the requirements for miner equipment.
2.2. Fixed Bug, miners only need to store encrypted data. The original data can be recovered via decryption
2.3. Initial completion of miner’s operating manual.

2021.08.08 08:36