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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

Weekly report:
1.1 Modified the logic of uploading files.
1.2 Faucet launched, each address will receive 100 test coins every 24 hours.
1.3 Launched the disk DEMO2, support MetaMask login, MetaMask payment fees, upload files, download files, share files, purchase files, download records, transaction records, view miner status features.
1.4 Miner client-end launched, support registration, staking, storage mining function.
1.5 Modification and refinement of the miner’s operating manual.
2. CESS Test Chain
2.1 Started development of CESS storage market and modified and perfected data structure for storage market.
2.2 Integration of Frontier Workshop started, configuration of Genesis block completed

2021.08.15 03:54