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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

Weekly report — — 30.08.2021–04.09.2021

1.     CESS Network Disk

1.1  Completed initial implementation of CESS network disk DEMO 2.1; Passed initial internal testing.

1.2  Fixed the bug in DEMO 2.1, that sometimes new file folder could not be created under a sub-directory.

1.3  Fixed the bug in DEMO 2.1, that the path of a file folder could not be changed.

     2 . BSC Chain

2.1 Fixed the problem of token reward failure.

2.2 Completed the rapid file transfer.

2.3 Completed miner state interface; Changed to “sort by storage capacity descending order.”

2.4 Completed function of miner choice of  being “scheduling miner”.

      3. CESS Chain

       3.1 Improved CESS test-net WASM contract business logic and coding.

       3.2 Started allocating need-based “substrate” functional modules; Completed part of CESS test-net formalization.

       3.3 Communicated with W3F Grants experts.

2021.09.05 02:16