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CESS Launches Incentive Campaign for Internal Mining Test — 5M CESS Tokens to Give Away

The Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is an ongoing blockchain-based data storage project. The goal of CESS is to provide a new global decentralized cloud data storage network for next generation Web services (aka Web 3.0). With data privacy, data security, and data ownership being the most sought-after concerns with today’s giant data service providers, CESS’s mission is to build a data sharing ecosystem that is secure, transparent, and to protect owner rights.


According to the officially released CESS roadmap and the project progress announced in weekly reports, and in order to secure future CESS mainnet launch, the CESS project is set to start internal mining test jointly with Binance smart testchain in early Sept, 2021. 


1、Mining Test

Mining test will start on Sept 9, 2021. For configuration requirements and other pre-requirements, please go to CESS official site to check out our “CESS Miner Operation Manual” and FAQ. All comments and bug reports are welcome!


2、How to Participate


2.1Configure your computer according to “CESS Miner Operation Manual”:

Please see Article 9 in http://cess.today/FAQ


2.2Install MetaWallet browser extension.

How to install Metamask wallet?

MetaMask is a wallet plug-in used on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge browsers. The wallet does not need to be downloaded, only the corresponding extension program needs to be added to the browser. You can enter the official website https://metamask.io/download.html to download and install.


2.3Go to Binance Faucet to get tBNB

Binance faucet:


Enter wallet address to get 1 tBNB for gas fee.


2.4Go to CESS Faucet to get tCESS

CESS faucet:

Enter wallet address to get 100 tCESS for staking.


2.5 Set up and start your node, according to “CESS Miner Operation Manual” and FAQ

Please see Article 9 in http://cess.today/FAQ


2.6 Feedbacks and bug reports

Please send to CESS official telegram account:


3、CESS Rewards

Total 5,000,000 CESS tokens will be rewarded to test participants. The CESS project will announce later the details about distribution rules (CESS reserves the rights to interpret the rules).



1、The project belongs to the hottest blockchain trends in Web 3.0 infrastructure development.

2、The project is designed with the latest cutting-edge technologies, with well documented White Paper. 

3、The CESS network will grow rapidly and become a large scale data storage network with high security and robustness.

4、Decentralized cloud data storage is the solution for future Internet or Web 3.0 applications.

5、oin early, and profit early.


CESS is a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem with user friendly ledgers, novel consensus mechanism and reliable storage infrastructure. More so, CESS offers advantages of low cost, privacy protection, security and robustness. With the implementation of CESS data confirmation and proxy re-encryption technology, CESS provides our clients with trustworthy, secure and reliable data rights protection. 


The CESS project invites everyone to join our internal mining test, starting from Sept 9, 2021. For more information about CESS, please check our official and social media accounts.


Official site:https://cess.cloud/





2021.09.08 17:00