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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

1.     The Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) Network Drive

1.1  Released CESS network drive feature, DEMO2.1, with functionalities of file folders, sub-file folders, file folder management, file upload, file management, file upload history and miner status.

1.2  Fixed the problem of “not displaying 0 storage  on node info page”.

1.3  Fixed the sorting order of node info page, by miner’s storage size.


2.     CESS Official Site (current)

Added feature slideshow and CESS testnet mining info.


3.     CESS Official Site (new)

Discussed strategies of adding info for FAQ, faucet, miner registration, miner end software and CESS network drive.


4.     BSC Chain

4.1  Added IP consistency check to miner end

4.2  Discussed and started system design of multiple scheduling nodes


5.     CESS Chain

5.1  Updated and improved the document for CESS testnet chain Pallets modular design

5.2  Updated and improved CESS testnet chain substrate node coding and formatting.


6.     W3F Grants

Entered technical implementation phase under W3F grant.

7. CESS Starts Test Mining
On September 9, 2021, CESS opened test mining and launched incentive activities; As of September 12, the number of CESS test mining nodes is 46.

2021.09.13 06:17