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CESS Decentralized Network Drive – A Free and Convenient Data Storage Service

With data privacy, data security, and data ownership being the most sought-after concerns with today’s giant data service providers, the decentralized data storagetechnology becomes the solution for next generation Web (Web 3.0).

The Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) is a blockchain-based decentralized cloud data network with user friendly ledgers, novel consensus mechanism and reliable data storage infrastructure. CESS is dedicated to build a data storage and sharing ecosystem that is low-cost, secure, transparent, and to protect data owner rights.

CESS just released their demo system for users to experience its decentralized storage service.

Next, let us take a deep dive into it. You will be guided through to create a crypto wallet, and to use the wallet to upload, retrieve and share data files over CESS blockchain, for free!


Part I. Preparations


If MetaMask wallet is already installed, go to step 7,to connect to “Binance Smart Chain Testnet”.

If “Binance Smart Chain Testnet” is already connected, go to part II, CESS network drive user instructions.

MetaMask wallet is a browser extension of Chrome or Firefox for crypto tokens. 

You can go to https://metamask.io/ to download and install. The following instructions use Firefox as an example.


Step 1. Click “Download now”.

Step 2. Click “Install MetaMask for Firefox”.



Step 3. Click “Add to Firefox”.


Step 4. Click “Add”.


Step 5. Click “Get Started”.

Step 6. Choose either “Import Wallet” or “Create a Wallet”.

Step 7. After the wallet is created successfully, you need to connect to Binance Smart Chain Testnet. Click on the symbol at upper right corner.



Step 8. Click “Setting”, then click “Add Network”.



Step 9. Fill in with the following info. The click “Save”.

Network name: Binance Smart Chain Testnet

Added RPC URL: 


Step 10. Go back to the main window, click “Add Token”.


Step 11. Fill in with the following info for tCESS, then click “Next”.

Token contract address:0x611C00F5A4EAf66D576bc2FE3B9AA4Bc6b4f4Dd2

Token symbol: tCESS

Decimal precision: 18


Step 12. Click “Add Tokens”, then go back to the main window. Preparations are now completed.  


Part II. Upload Data Files to CESS Network Drive


Step 1. Use the browser that has MetaMaskinstalled, open https://cess.today/, click login.


Step 2. Click “Sign” to authorize MetaMask to enter CESS storage network client interface.


Step 3. Go to Binance faucet and CESS faucet to get tBNB and tCESS.

Binance faucet:


Enter wallet address to get 1 tBNB for gas fee.


CESS faucet:

Enter wallet address to get tCESS as payment for data file storage fee.





Step 4. Go back to CESS client interface window, click “Upload”.


Step 5. Click “Select” to choose the file you want to upload, then set file storage duration and download price. Click “Confirm”.


Step 6. Confirm MetaMask authorization, click “Confirm” to pay gas fee. Then click “Confirm” again to re-authorize and pay storage fee.


Step 7. Upload completed. Go to My cloud disk to view the uploaded file.


Part III. File Sharing


Step 1. Click the sharing symbol on the right side, to generate a file sharing link.



Step 2. Click “Copy the link”, then send to other people.


Part IV. File Search and Retrieval


Step 1. Click “Input link” to enter search dialogue mode. 


Step 2. Enter link, then click “Confirm” to see search results.



Step 3. In the search results, click “Download” to download the file.


Step 4. Click “Confirm” and choose the file storage path.


Experiencing the CESS decentralized network drive is only a small step towards the next generation Web. CESS is committed to provide users with trustworthy, secure and reliable data rights protection. 

Decentralize your journey with CESS to Web3.0 and join innovators on:











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