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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

Weekly Report: 

1.      The Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) Network Drive
1.1  Completed the UI design of file categorization, file brief description, and file storage renewal.

2.      BSC Test Chain

2.1  Fixed the problem of client end restart failure when available disk space < 50GB.
2.2  Limited the minimum disk space to be 1TB. Removed the limitation of maximum disk space of 100TB.
2.3  Removed disk UUID.
2.4  Completed the reward design of 20% instant release and 80% 180 day linear release.2.5  Complete the design and development of the storage mining pledge model. When registering as a storage miner, you need to pledge Token=hard disk space (TB)*X CESS, where X is a constant value (disclosed during official mining), and the hard disk size starts from 1 TB. In whole numbers.
2.5   Fix the issue of failure to issue mining rewards for miners.
2.6 Since the beginning of September, more than 100 test miners have participated in the test mining.


3.      CESS testnet Chain

3.1  Submitted to Polka substrate with PR of account subkey extension.
3.2  Completed the testing of CESS testnet chain RPC interface function. So far so good.
3.3  Completed coding of modules “filebank”, “storageminer”, “offences” and “bounties”.

2021.09.26 08:47