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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

1.      Cumulus Encrypted Storage System ( CESS ) on BSC Chain
1.1  Fixed the bug of auto file parameter deletion under CentOS.
1.2  Completed functionalities for “Harvest, Claim and add staking” including registration, staking and penalizing. Completed code review, testing and launch.
1.3  Released CESS storage node mining client V0.4, available at: https://github.com/Cumulus2021/mining-client
Completed readme.md.
2.      CESS Chain
2.1  Completed ss58 address registration. CESS-testnet and CESS network are supported by Polkadot address system now.
2.2  Completed the technical design of CESS chain next phase.
3.      CESS official website
1.1 Launched Chinese version on CESS official website
1.2 Updated user interface of CESS web “Blog”, “Blog detail”, for both PC and Mobile site.
4.      Polkadot Asia Hackathon
Registered CESS team for the 4th Polka Hackathon.

2021.10.25 02:52