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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

  1. Submitted W3F Grant applications for milestone 3 successful. Content in submission including: blockchain explorer, web application, Docker rapid deployment, proof of storage algorithm library and its related articles, etc.

  2. Preparing materials for SBP submission. Optimized the SBP milestone document and improved the Pitch PPT. 

3. CESS chain v0.2.0 version being developed. 

  • Fixed the code for c-pallets’ test-benchmarks. 

  • Fixed bugs in segment-book module. 

  • Developed proof of storage leasing related functions.

  • Updated the functions of the file-bank module. 

  • Tested and adjusted the benchmark module functions.

4. Decentralized cloud storage system v0.2.0 version is being developed 

  • Fixed the problem when scheduling nodes failed to verify the the proof of reduplication for 512M data segment by replacing a new proof of storage algorithm library. 

  • Successfully used GO-SDK to query the value for keys that are strings in the storage item on chain, and parse out the events returned by the transaction.

  • Completed the structural design of the application on users’ end, completed faucet and the storage space expansion code. 

CESS Community Activities

1. The internal test of the CESS decentralized storage system based on the iterative version of the Binance Smart chain Testnet ran successfully.

Activity link:(https://www.cess.cloud/

Total reward: 3,000,000 CESS Tokens

Current participating nodes: 279

2. The first round of miner qualification announcement, airdropped 2 million CESS tokens.

3. CESS official website content optimization

2022.01.18 08:45