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SucCESS Stories

Weekly Report

CESS Project Development 

1. The team released CESS v0.2.0 which included CESS chain and the distributed cloud storage system module with features as follows: 

a. Optimized both the scheduling and storage interface
b. Added storage space leasing function
c. Added real-time pricing module
d. Added data segment routing module
e. First time added client

2. The team started to design the CESS v0.3.0 version, aiming to implement Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery and optimize the distributed cloud storage system to further improve the security of the system; designed the proof of storage aggregation rules for multiple data segments to improve the verification efficiency. 

CESS Community Activities

1. The internal test of the CESS decentralized storage system based on the iterative version of the Binance Smart chain testnet ran successfully.

Activity link:(https://www.cess.cloud/

Total reward: 3,000,000 CESS Tokens

Current participating nodes: 285

2022.02.15 09:21